Thursday, June 30, 2011

District Tourism Ompo Soppeng

Been to Regency Soppeng, do not complete it if you do not go to the tourist area of ​​Ompo. Ompo is one of two flagship District Government Soppeng after Lejja, hot water attractions.

To get to Ompo, it takes about five minutes away by car or motorcycle from the City Watansoppeng. Tourism Region is located at the northern edge Ompo Watansoppeng or with a mileage not more than three kilometers. Located in the Village District Ompo Lalabata.

Ompo bath is one of the attractions worth visiting, especially for those who want to relax with family or friends. Tourism is very known to the public baths, both Soppeng District and outside the region. However, Regency Soppeng assume Ompo, the second mainstay attraction setelap Lejja hot water.

Every holiday, Ompo crowded with visitors. No wonder every year visit rate increased significantly. In that place, visitors can swim in the pool that has as much water clarity is pretty good. Besides the cool, Ompo also known as the freshness of the atmosphere.

Even the people around him make Ompo springs as a source of clean water to meet the needs of everyday life.

Log into Ompo area, visitors will not need to drain kucek deeply. Ticket price is quite cheap. For adults only Rp. 2.500/orang and children of Rp 1,500. With affordable tickets, visitors can enjoy a bath as much in the two pools are prepared pengelolah each specific pool of children and adults.

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