Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mangrove forests Sinjai

Mangrove forests located in the Village District tongke Sinjai Tongke-East about 7 miles from downtown Sinjai. Mangrove forest (mangrove) in Tongke-tongke in its development has become a bustling tourist attraction and interest, both by tourists mauoun mencanegara, particularly by scientists who likes to do research. Village Tongke-tongke with forest wealth bakaunya lab dubbed the Selata Sulawesi mangroves. Development of mangrove forests located on the east coast city Sinjaitersebut has an area of ​​approximately 786 ha, which was developed through purely governmental organizations. Been mangroves du-tongke Tongke means will also be entertained by various types of sounds and animal cries and flapping wings dipagihari thousands kalelawar, hanging above the mangrove trees during the day.

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