Monday, June 13, 2011

Island Tourism Object Sawi

Sawi Island Beach tourist attraction is a tourist attraction located in the village of River District Tengar Kendawangan Ketapang, the distance is approximately 80 km from the City of Ketapang. Access from Ketapang town to the beach attractions mustard island can be reached by two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel.

From Tengar River trip continued with water or a motor vehicle owned by fishermen searching klotok Tengar River Beach. It took approximately 1 hour drive, arrived on the island of mustard. Travel on the island of mustard was very exciting.

In addition to beautiful natural scenery, this place is also a habitat where turtles. Various types of turtle like leatherback turtles, green turtles, hawksbill and Totong numerous in this region. Stretches of white sand, sparkling blue sea. Very naturally then this island called Pulau Bidadari.

Activities of daily life on the island of mustard Kendawangan community who worked as a fisherman. It turned out that the island will also save a lot of charm. "The beauty of crystal clear beaches with clean white sand beaches and the expanse of rocks fascinate the eye as if did not want to let go of view, besides that this region is also rich with various species of fish," he said.

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