Monday, June 13, 2011

Pantai Permai Tears

Tourism Objects of Tears Beach located in Desa Permai Cloud River Right Ketapang district of West Kalimantan. Pantai Permai Tears is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ketapang. In addition to its white sand, vegetation flora and fauna found on the beach are also very attractive for visitors. Mangrove vegetation (Rhizophora sp, Bruiguera sp) is still fairly well maintained with shore bird habitat that is very exotic. Location Tears Permai Beach is located 10 km from City Ketapang. Tears Permai Beach can be reached by two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheel with sekitara travel time approximately 10 minutes. Sightseeing Pantai Permai Tears which covers 100 hectares of mangrove forest is dominated by a still incomplete and is a place for wildlife observation of birds. There are about 27 species of birds found around the coast of Tears Permai, among others Butorides satriatus, haliastur indus, haliaetus leucogaster, numenius arquata, numenius phaeopus, Tringa cinereus, Tringa hypoleucos, Streptopelia chinensis, pelargopsis capensis and others. In addition to recreation, on the coast of Tears Permai visitors can perform various other activities such as beach sports, camping, out bound and watched as the eye sunset.

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