Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Aco

Aco Lake is located in Kampung District Melapeh Linggang Linggang Bigung 20 Km from downtown Sendawar, can be reached by motorcycle and car. 5 km from Kampung Linggang Melapeh Linggang Bigung District. Lake Aco extent of 4 ha. Surrounded by trees and fruit in it there are various types of freshwater fish such as Haruan, Sepat Siam, Kreskap, Tilapia, Catfish and Golden Conch. The typical around Lake Aco Jaung there are many vegetables that fruit to be eaten as raw vegetable salad and the flowers for acid or sauce. It is said that there Aco Lake legend, thousands of years ago at the peak of Mount Aco have a village that consists of several Lamin Beluq and Oso held ceremonies Timeq (beliatn Ngugu Tautn). Bluq is a father berhobi besides job hunting day - the day of farming. Oso, a mother was so excited Bluq beliatn handler can hunt a monkey (Buus Tonyoi language) he take a long tail to bat tambourines and dancing Oso beliatn with the spirit as an expression of gratitude to Bluq which gives a unique drum beater. Everyone laughed to see the event, so that there hurricanes, heavy rain and lightning thunder bertabu - taboo. There was destruction (Killit in Tonyoi), Oso Bluq crumbled into the lake and fled to another area, which later he also turned into a rock in a lake in other areas of the lake Beluq.

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