Monday, June 13, 2011

Site Sentawar

Site Sentawar is a sacred place because it is a place of historic relics in the Kingdom Sentawar the embryo Dayak mythology. A legend of the Kingdom by King Aji Tullur Sendawar Jijangkat with Consort Mok Bulatn Manor. King had 5 sons: Swalas Guna, Jelivan Mind, Naras Guna, Guna and Puncan Tantan Karna. On the 17th Puncan Karna Abat migrate and marry the younger brother of Sultan on Stairs Whitewater. Sentawar Site Location is located in Kampung Karang Rejo (Sendawar) Sub Barong Tongkok to travel by car travel time of 20 minutes from downtown.

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