Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lake Semayang

Semayang lake located not far from City Build. Build City is one of the oldest settlements in Kutai Kartanegara, but it also is the area of Kutai. This lake will merge with Lake Melintang when water flows down the Mahakam River. But when the Mahakam River water ride at night, these two separate lakes.
Semayang Lake is on the left and right Across the Lake.
tourists can enjoy views of the tranquil stretch of river water and singing birds. The beauty of this nature reaches its peak at the time of sunrise and sunset. As if the sun rises and sets amid jungles of Borneo Island. This lake also contained on two fish species Irrawaddy Dolphin is a freshwater dolphin that is very rarely encountered.
Aside from being a natural tourist resort, Lake Semayang and also used as a source of livelihood for the people of the Village and Village Semayang Kenohan Pela.

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