Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Museum Mulawarman

Mulawarman Museum is the palace of the Sultanate of aquatic mammal was built in 1963 as a replacement before the burning palace. Kedaton Hall has now built as the residence of Sultan Aji Muhammad Salehuddin II who had been named back in 2002.

The Sultan's palace in the environment there is a family cemetery and the relatives of the Kingdom of aquatic mammal Masjid Jami 'Aji Amir Hasanuddin as witness the entry of Islam in Kutai.

Mulawarman museum mileage from Aberdeen around 3 hours overland journey, from Samarinda range 45 minutes. Inside the Museum Saved Mulawarman history objects once used by the Sultanate such as the Throne, The clash, Majestic Apparel, Spear, Kris, Meriam, Necklace and Inscription Yupa and Chinese Ceramics Collection. ERAU ceremony held each year, namely dance Kedaton Typical Ceremony and Buying the Dragon in the village of Kutai Lama.

Where every implementation ERAU Cultural attractions are also displayed good form and Upara Indigenous Traditional Dances from various other tribes in Indonesia and worldwide.
Mulawarman Museum consists of two floors. Downstairs there is a collection of Chinese ceramics. while the first floor contains a collection of heritage-style art. Behind the museum, visitors can shop for souvenirs typical of Dayak culture, stone jewelry, and other souvenirs.

In the museum this Mulawarman stored objects that have historical value / high art that was once used by the Sultanate such as:
* Throne
* Statue Ox Swana
* VOC Cannons Sweep Heritage Universe, The Netherlands
* Inscription Yupa,
* A set of Gamelan of Yogyakarta Kraton 1855
* Statue Hindu
* A set of relics of the Sultanate Bulungan Guest Tables
* Ulap Doyo, the Dayak handicrafts Benuaq
* Minirama about the history of the Kingdom of aquatic mammal
* Collection Numismatika (currency and other currency)
* Collection of Ceramics from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand
* And others.

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