Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Natural bath Eremerasa Bantaeng

Natural bath Eremerasa Bantaeng located in the village of Kampala, Eremmerasa District, about 16 kilometers and the City Bantaeng. Way there can be taken approximately 30 minutes, past the paved road with occasional winding hill. Along the way, you can see houses on stilts among the rice fields lined. Around this bath was cool, with the natural scenery of hills covered with green trees and plants.
Here there is a swimming pool as much as two pieces, each for adults and children. Swimming pool noodles have a source of water and mountains. The water was clear and cool. In the pool, you can bathe and swim activities. In between the two swimming pools, there is a stage for performances or performances of the event.
Around the pool, there is a stream of flowing water and mountains among the rocks and form a small waterfall. Below the waterfall there is a stream of water that forms a small creek. Be careful, if you want to watch this little waterfall. You must pass through the lane with soil piled down the stairs.

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