Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oenesu Waterfall

Oenesu Waterfall is located about 17 kilometers from the city of Kupang and Pantai Lasiana about 12 km east of Kupang, NTT.
Oenesu waterfall is a major tourist destination which is always crowded with visitors, both by local and foreign tourists. On holidays or Sundays, this one tourist attraction can be visited more than 1,500 people.
When visitors want to visit the waterfalls of the city of Kupang Oenesu then have to search for trips as far as 17 km, with a fairly smooth asphalt road. Just a few kilometers to the branch entrance waterfall that way a little damaged, but nevertheless can still be reached by public transport and private vehicles.
In the rainy season even if the object is still to be reached easily, because the road is not muddy or muddy. All vehicles can be immediately stopped just next to the waterfall location.
Visitors who come to the tourist sites of this one there who came just to celebrate birthdays, worship, or carry out various activities while enjoying the beauty of the panoramic waterfalls that occasionally punctuated by cries of Oenesu variety of wildlife in the forest around the waterfall.
However, for foreign tourists recorded Oenesu waterfall locations covering 0.7 hectares in West Kupang be a place of exciting adventure. At this location is quite challenging both through the mountains around the waterfall or along a small river around the region. A variety of protected wildlife in this location so that visitors can engage in activities that she liked freely.

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