Sunday, June 19, 2011

Right cascade lake

Right cascade lakes are lakes that are part of Forest Park, located in Sultan Adam Aranio Village, Banjar District Aranio. Located about 65 km from Banjarmasin. Meratus beautiful mountains and the green around Lake cascade Right covering an area 8000 acres.

Pine Island is located in the middle of the lake are ideal places for family recreation while enjoying the peacefulness of nature. The water is crystal clear and tranquil lake is also ideal for water sightseeing, swimming, and fishing. Main livelihood of the population around Lake cascade Right is bertambak fish. They lived in the house or houses lanting that float in water, house pads are made of drum-drums of wood or of other types of floating.

If we navigate this lake we will see houses lanting. A good time to wade lake with boating there is morning sun is not too oppressive, and our eyes are not dazzled by the reflections made ​​over the water.
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