Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taman Mayura

Mayura Park tourist attraction located a few meters to the east of Mataram City shopping center is saving a lot of artistic value, cultural history of Hindu kingdoms on Lombok Island several centuries ago.

Traced its history, Mayura means peacock. The name was closely associated with the background and history when you first park covering an area of ​​about three hectares and was built around 1821 AD This park was built by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah as a place of recreation and praying that time.
Previously the location of Taman Mayura is a lot of dense jungle inhabited by venomous snakes and dangerous. Therefore, when the king took the initiative to ask for help to his friend who came from Pakistan to expel the venomous animals.
People of Pakistan are found to have used a number of peacocks to repel snakes from the forest, where Mayura Park will be built.
If visiting Mayura Park, you will be presented with views that are far from the impression of frenetic city. The atmosphere of cool, green, and naturally would accompany you in that place.
Not only that, on the spot we can find a temple building which is right in the middle of a large pond. The building is one of the king's heritage buildings at that time.
Amid the pool there are statue of a peacock and the haj statue made of stone. Two of the statue is a symbol of homage to the king's friend from Pakistan who managed to repel snakes.
Combing further Mayura Park, there are also some things that time the king relic, like guns or ammunition owned by the Dutch army has also been used to demolish the Hindu kingdom of Lombok. Authenticity from the existing assets in the Park as well stay awake and intact. That's because the place is well kept and maintained under the responsibility of Anak Agung Biarsah is still a direct descendant of King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah.

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