Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taman Narmada

Narmada Park is located 10 km from the eastern city of Mataram is a replica of Mount Rinjani. Built by King Anak Agung Dede Karang Asem. Early 19th century the King made a replica of this and a holy Pura Narmada. Led by a priest praying at the Temple without going to the Mount Rinjani

At present, the park is open to the public and became a recreation center that is always crowded. It poses a supposedly spring water from Mount Rinjai and are believed to make a person stay young so-called Younger Water. Pura name is taken from a holy river in India that worships Shiva is Pura Kalasa.

Narmada Park is a park that was previously used as a retreat and bath royal family (when was the kingdom of Mataram). In this park there is a swimming pool and a Hindu temple. This place also has a fountain of youth, which is believed to give long life to anyone who drank water from this spring.

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