Monday, June 13, 2011

Tanjung Batu Beach

Tanjung Batu Beach is a beach cape shaped natural formations consisting of a rocky hill that juts into the sea with a height of approximately 80 meters. Tanjung Batu Beach is located about 47 km from the center of the Capital District Sambas. At the foot of this hill there is a lot of stones - stones that extend into the sea which can be seen when in a state of sea water receded. Natural attractions Tanjung Batu beach is equipped with a mountain that serves as a natural fortress. Tourists can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountain views in all directions. Enjoying views of the City Pemangkat, Mount Elephant, South China Sea, and other beautiful scenery. Enjoy your tour around Mount Tanjung Batu by walking down a path circling the mountain. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, tourism is also relatively close to the shopping center Pemangkat City Monument cruelty-Japanese fascism with the death of 47 persons. The victim at the foot of Mount Tanjung Batu Cannon Shoot Dutch relic is situated at the foot of Mount Tanjung Batu by 2 units. This cannon was more than a century setenggah (1850). Tomb of General Dutch Van Den Boch read! 0 / 10 th. 1850. Form of the monument at the summit of Mount Tanjung Batu. At the summit of Mount Tanjung Batu, there are also graves of Dutch soldiers: "OBOS". It is a monument that was originally in 1974 still looked grave is surrounded by dozens of Dutch soldiers who died during the running task, as evidenced by ditandainya every head of a cross-shaped headstone placed the soldier headpiece. Because of the lack of attention from the government and not maintained until the year 2008 can only be seen a monument monument square with the peak of the pyramid-shaped monument that read 1850 and four-square body that read F. Jsorg, Luit Col. Inf. 1850 and V. Winsheim. The legend "Stone Ballah". One popular legend has become one of our national assets.

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