Monday, June 20, 2011

Tourism Object Pagat

Tourism is located in District Pagat Benawa Stone, is about 7 km from the city Barabai. Nature tourism is one of mainstay attractions Hulu Regency Middle River and is famous in the region of Borneo. Tourism is a beautiful natural scenery marked, cool weather, hills and crystal clear rivers. In addition there are sources of clear water from the cave which is at the foot of the hill Stone Bini. This hill, according to legend is the fraction of ships belonging to the rebellious child bride Raden. To cross the river to the hills, visitors can membergunakan raft (lanting) or a suspension bridge. To facilitate visitors to reach the top of the hill has been built of wooden stairs. From the hilltop, visitors can view Barabai City and surrounding areas. Tourism Object Pagat also equipped with various facilities such as mushala, children's playground, entertainment stage, gazebo, souvenir shops, stalls, toilets and changing rooms. A hall with a capacity of 150 people still in the stage of completion. The hall is expected to be a meeting place of various events while enjoying the panoramic sights of nature in Pagat.

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