Sunday, June 12, 2011

Traditional House Party Nuts and Rite Jontona

Traditional House Party Nuts and Rite Jontona Jontona located in Ile Ape Subdistrict. From Jontana Lewohala precisely in the hamlet which lies at an altitude of Mount Ile Ape there is an old village with traditional house complex where each has a completeness to traditional ceremonies such as ceramics, ivory, etc.. Here each year in September is always held traditional ceremonies Sora Utan and Eating Nuts unique party that focused on custom homes. During the ceremony bean feast, visitors can enjoy cultural attractions and to enjoy traditional dances along with the tools they used in these dances. Besides, visitors can also witness the traditional ikat Ile Ape and hiking from village to village Jontana Lewolaha to enjoy panoramic sea from Volcanic Mountain Ile Ape.

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