Sunday, June 12, 2011

Karun Watuwawer Natural Gas Resources

Natural Gas Resources Karun Watuwawer located in the Village District Atakore Atadei. The majority of the surrounding volcanic soil so that it appears the natural gas in the form of steam-heat steam-powered big enough. The uniqueness of this gas source is used by local communities as natural kitchen. They make small holes and then insert a variety of foods such as potatoes, beans, baby corn, breadfruit and other then having cooked food can be consumed directly with a distinctive aroma and inviting taste. While waiting for the ripe, visitors can do tourism activities such as hiking, singing and having fun fun by enjoying the local dances.
One also can visit the traditional house and the process of making ikat Atadei. From Lewoleba can be reached with two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel a distance less than 35 km. Visitors can rent houses as a home stay.

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