Sunday, June 5, 2011

Traditional village Monbang

Traditional neighborhoods in the Village Kopidil Monbang Alor Northwest District. Distance from Kalabahi about 7 km. Monbang traditional villages can be reached by 4-wheel vehicle within 45 minutes. The potential that can be enjoyed at the original Village tribe Kabola:
Society, traditional house, song, dance typical tribal Kabola.
Specific clothing of bark.
On the way to enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Pearls.

Traditional neighborhoods in the District of Alor Bampalola Northwest, distance from Kalabahi approximately 15 km to the West. Potential enjoyed:
Custom house Lakatuil FET.
New Eating ceremony, the timing of planting, harvesting, lego-lego, etc.

Small villages and Alor Alor Besar, a distance of 14 and 17 km from Kalabahi potential enjoyed:
Traditional circumcision ceremony.
Events Marriage customs.
Dancing lego-lego dodo robe.
Holy Quran older than bark.
Traditional music.
Cold sea water flow so that people harvest fish.
Home stay on the island of Kepa.
Marine parks and natural scenery is beautiful underwater.

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