Sunday, June 5, 2011

Traditional Village Takpala

Takpala Traditional Village is situated in the village of West Overtime, District North Central Alor, Alor Regency. Travel to Takpala of Mali-Alor Airport can be reached by motorcycle taxi motorcycle. If by public transport, from Terminal Kalabahi, the capital of Alor regency, Bukapiting majors can use the bus, get off at Takalelang. Banners welcome to the traditional village welcomes Takpala in front of paved road climbing towards Takpala. Travel from Takalelang toward Takpala takes about 15 minutes on foot. As a traditional village, Takpala has 12 custom homes and is a tourist destination Alor which has been styled quite okay. Entrance is free Takpala levy a penny. In Takpala can be found a very humble life. Communities rely on the daily needs of forest products. So, when visiting in the daytime, the atmosphere of the village was deserted because people go into the woods looking for the necessities of life. If before the visit, notify the local tourist office, the citizens can be organized to serve Takpala lego-lego dance. This dance is done en masse, holding hands in a circle. Beat of gongs and dynamic motion moko accompany the dancers.

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