Sunday, June 12, 2011

White Sand Beach Recreation Waijarang

White Sand Beach Recreation Waijarang Waijarang is located in the village about 10 km from Lewoleba that can be achieved either with two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel. Scenic beauty of beaches backed by beautiful views of hills and narrow Strait Boleng. In these places suitable for visitors to enjoy the tourist beaches such as: water skiing, swimming, sunbathing, camping, volly beaches, hiking and visitors can also enjoy being entertained with cultural attractions.
Visitors can also sail with the boat to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach. This object has a great prospect to be developed so that Lembata District Government in this case Department of Transportation and Tourism in the program will build and fix the Beach Recreational Park in Fiscal Year 2002. Visitors can stay at hotels in the city Lewoleba.

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