Sunday, June 12, 2011

Natural Hot Springs Sabu Tobo

Natural Hot Springs is located in the village of Sabu Tobo Ile Boli District Nagawutung approximately 1 or 2 hours can be reached by two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel from Lewoleba. Precisely between Hamlet Belane, Bata, Liwolagan. There are tropical forests in which Sabu Tobo river flows clear and cool. Approximately 200 meters to the left of the road, visitors can find hot springs that come out of the cliff and the west through the tree roots as much as 4 hot springs. Hot springs are very unique because it can directly be consumed for drinking, it's like bottled mineral water. And can be used as a refreshing baths. This place can also place for vacation / family recreation on the weekends. Visitors can rent houses as a home stay.

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