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Ancient Volcano Tourism charm Nglanggeran in Jogja

Located in the village of Mount Nglanggeran Nglanggeran, District Patuk Gunungkidul. Located in the northern Baturagung Gunungkidul with an altitude between 200-700 m asl with an average air temperature of 23 ˚ C - 27 ˚ C, the distance traveled 20 miles from city Wonosari and 25 km from the city of Yogyakarta. There are two lane roads to the object of this tour through the smooth asphalt road, if we pass from the direction Wonosari Sambipitu roundabout, take the right direction to the hamlet Bobung / crafts masks, then head to the Village Nglanggeran (Hall Joglo Kalisong / Mount Nglanggeran). If the direction of Jogjakarta: Bukit Bintang Patuk, FM Radio GCD turn left approximately 7 miles (direction-oro Ngoro village location of transmission stations), to the village Nglanggeran (Hall Joglo Kalisong / Mount Nglanggeran).

This region is a region with litologinya compiled by old volcanic materials and the landscape has a beautiful and geologically unique and of high scientific value. From the research results and references, is expressed Mount Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. We've often heard and seen pictures of early humans, and as to whether the Ancient Volcano? See the beauty and panorama nature is at the location of this tour. Chunks of rock that towered like buildings and malls that were once an active volcano (60 million years ago) now can we sit sipping fresh air while take pictures.

There Joglo building (Hall Joglo Kalisong) at the entrance and when we walked down the road trails for hiking, there are three substations building a simple view of the low altitude, moderate until the mountaintop. Green rug that lay at the time looked down, saw the fields, gardens, and buildings tower and a variety of television stations which is quite a lot, manambah natural beauty. This location is perfect for rock climbing, tracking, cruising out bound tours, Makrab, and bekemah.

Many local tourists, and there are also occasional foreign tourists visit Mount Nglanggeran to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, trying to conquer the huge boulders to climb, and many are just relieve fatigue from daily work activities and noise of the city.


Facilities included in the region of Mount Nglanggeran Ecotourism is very complete, so that visitors who come will feel comfortable when traveling here.
1. Health posts
2. Information Center
3. Hall Petemuan
4. Culinary Center
5. Home Stay
6. Public Toilet Facilities
7. Worship Facilities
8. Route
9. Camping Ground

Tourism rides

Mountain Regions Nglanggeran Ecotourism has many interesting tourist rides, pamper you who want to experience the beauty of nature.

1. Mount Screen
Called Mount Screen because of the shape of the mountain is believed to resemble the color and the place is the residence of Ongko Wijoyo and Punakawan.
2. Source Water sewer.
A spring that never experienced a drought in the summit of Mount Nglanggeran. There are also shrines to get a gift from the creator for those who believe in order to achieve the desire (goal). Besides there is a hermitage sewer sources to conduct the ritual "Prehatin", usually on certain days which are believed to have mystical value travelers will arrive to perform the ritual. This place is popular because the travelers are a cool weather climate and there is a ladder level are made on the Japanese that were once also used as a hiding place Japanese soldiers. Sources of water in the gutter is believed to be ageless when used to wash your face.
3. Mount Gedhe
In accordance with the mountain was called Mount Gedhe is greatest among other mountains. Is the highest peak of Mount Nglanggeran, hikers often use this place for rest areas and camping. Broad landscape will be seen from the highest peak due to a very strategic position in the middle of Mount Nglanggeran. Will become a favorite of photographers because it can capture the beauty of God's creation from different perspectives.
4. Mountain Bongos
Place to put Blencong and the mountain is black like charcoal.
5. Mount Blencong
Mountain resembling Blencong and as a lighting / lamp Kyai Ongko Punokawan Wijaya gatherings.
6. Mountain Buchu
Mount the taper shape and the mountain from the summit of Mount Merapi, which was moved by Punokawan, whose goal was brought to the Village Kemadang Gunungkidul, with wood wear Punokawan borne by distance. Since there are water sources in the amount of "cormorant" is embedded in place then the mountain whose name Sedandang.
The form is tall and pointy Mountain Buchu is used for rock climbing by nature lovers, until recently climbers who conquered can still count on her fingers. 3 new team a successful climber plant a flag atop Mount Buchu.
7. Tlogo Wungu
Only certain people who may know of its existence, for people who are truly clean and run "Concerned" will know Tlogo Wungu, located adjacent to the eastern end of Mount Nglanggeran. It is said this place as a bathing Widodari. If can see where it would have Tlundak Tlogo gold, and Canthing Gold.
8. Tlogo Mardhido
As a bathing place Jaran Sembrani Widodari mounts. It is said that there were hoof marks an imprint Sembrani dibatu.
9. Gutters Kencono
As the guttering of Tlogo Mardhido until Jimatan Gedhe Yogyakarta city.
10. Pemean Gadhung
Myth called Pemean Gadhung because the rod tip until dipuncak Gadhung Mount Merapi. This place is now inhabited by monkeys, bats and snakes.


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