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Unique Ceremony Khas Indonesia

1.Ritual Tiwah

Tiwah ritual is a procession of relatives to deliver the spirit of ancestors who have passed away to heaven by way purify and remove the remains from the grave to a place called stumbling.
Ritual Tiwah be unique attractions and distinctive karen many foreign tourists who are interested in this ceremony is only done by the Dayak people of Central Kalimantan.


The traditional ceremony Kebo-keboan conducted annually by the village residents Alasmalang. Initially these ceremonies performed to invoke the fall of rain during droughts, with rainfall this means that farmers can grow crops soon.
The climax of the procession is plowing fields and planting rice seedlings in paddy fields. People who act like a buffalo had been able to trance and pursue anyone who tries to take the rice seedlings are planted. Village residents tried to scramble Alasmalang rice seedlings, as is believed to be used as a starting-custody maupununtuk profit

3.Adu Buffalo (Mapasilaga Tedong)

Adu begins with buffalo buffalo Caucasians.
Party buffalo fights interspersed with a procession of buffalo-style cuts Toraja, Ma'tinggoro tedong, namely with a machete and cut the buffalo with a single slash. Getting late, the party fights the more crowded because the buffalo is a buffalo that pitted males who already have experience of fighting dozens of times.
Before pitted, conducted parade buffalo. There are albino or albino buffalo, others have dark patches on his back called salepo and black on the back (boke rice cake). This latter type of price is the most expensive, can be above USD 100 million. There is also an already neutered male buffalo-meat is said to taste more savory

4.Rambu Solo

Signs Solo is a party or a ceremony of grief / death. Customs which have been inherited by the Toraja people for generations. For the families left behind must make a party as a sign of their last respects to the deceased who had left.
After passing a series of events, the stretcher late in using Tongkonan (a kind of typical Toraja traditional house) to the tomb in the cliffs of the cave. The name of the cemetery his grave is Londa.
What was unique ceremony solo signs is the creation of dolls made of wood are very similar to the dead and placed in tebing.Uniknya more ... supposedly he said, the doll's face increasingly similar as the deceased

5.Pasola Sumba

This is part of a series of traditional ceremonies performed by people of Sumba. Every year in February or March a series of rituals performed in order to invoke the blessing of the gods in order to harvest these years with great success. The culmination of a series of ceremonies are performed several days earlier is what is called Pasola. Pasola is 'war' conducted by two groups of horsemen. Each group teridiri of more than 100 youths bersenjakan spear made of wood about kira1 diameter, 5 cm in the left blunt ends


Duderan is a ceremony that marked the month of fasting has come. Kucing executed exactly 1 day before the fasting month. Dugder words, taken from the blend of sounds dugdug, and the sound of cannon which follow later assumed by derr.

These activities include market the people that started a week before Kucing, carnival followed by merahputih troops, marching band, troop custom clothing "Unity in Diversity", cannon, and a variety of potential ngendok warak arts in the city of Semarang. Typical characteristics of this event is warak Ngendok custom-bodied species of animal-headed goat skin dragon scales of gold, visualization warak ngendok made of colored paper - colorful. This event started from 08.00 hours until sunset on the same day also held festivals and Jipin Blantenan warak


Derived from the word 'ark', an Arabic word that means parading, Tabuik ceremony is a tradition on the west coast, West Sumatra, which was held by hereditary. The ceremony was held on the day of Asura that falls on the 10th of Muharram, the Islamic calendar.

On the appointed day, since 0600, all participants and completeness of preparing the ceremony on the square kota.Para government officials also attended the ceremony in the implementation of the most colossal in West Sumatra.

One Tabuik appointed by the bearers of which amounted to 40 people. Behind Tabuik, traditionally dressed group of people who bring a variety of percussion instruments drums, helped fill the ranks. Occasionally the procession stopped and dozens of people who play typical Minang martial arts into action as she accompanied tetabuhan.

At sunset, the procession came to an end. Both Tabuik brought to shore and further out to sea dilarung. This is done because there is a belief that this Tabuik thrown into the sea, may dispose of bad luck. In addition, this moment is also believed to be the Buraq's time to fly to the sky, carrying all kinds arakannya


Cremation is a cremation ceremony of burning or Balinese Hindus.
In Ngaben procession, when the fire started ignited, the flames gradually be enlarged and began to flare ignited the figure's body. Eventually the flames began to scorch jazadnya believed to have relinquished all worldly ties of the dead man. When earthly ties are cut off, the more it opens the opportunity to see the truth and eternity in the divine sanctity of nature there.
A few days before the ceremony Ngaben carried out, the family of the deceased assisted by the community to make "Bade and Ox" marvel made out of wood, colored paper and other materials. "Bade and the Ox" is a place which later burned corpse


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