Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bada Valley Tourism

Bada Valley Tourism is located west of the town of Tentena, and can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles or two wheeled around ± 3 hours through the tropical forest inhabited by the Flora and Fauna of unique and interesting. Statue-Statues numerous Megalithic and Kalamba, Traditional Homes and custom clothing.
Valley has a vast expanse of grassland and beautiful scenery. At around the valley there are a lot of the Statue of megaliths that are relics of ancient objects. The statue is a statue megaliths are rare in the world because there is only the Napu, Besoa, Bada and in Latin America (marquies Island)
The statue was Manyak includes the mystery about the triumph of Interest Napu, Besoa and Bada in the days of yore, so attracting scientists and tourists to visit and conduct research. Bada Valley Distance 145 km from the town of Poso, can be reached by jeep and continued on foot to the Valley Besoa and Bada.
Along the road we will witness the beauty of the tropical forest that is an interesting attraction for tourists. Besides using the jeep, you can also use MAF flights that regularly serve the route from Tentena - Bada and then walk to get to Besoa and Napu. Facilities available include Inns and Home Stay.

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