Saturday, July 9, 2011

Banua Wuhu

Banua Wuhu is a volcano located in shallow waters. Local people gave the name of the mountain with Banau Wuhu. Located only 300 meters from the southwest side of the island Mahengetang. Point of discharge crater of the mountain is marked by bubbles in the rocks at a depth of 8 meters. Water temperatures average 37-38 degrees Celsius there. In a number of holes, out of hot water which seems capable of making their bare hands blistered when try to reach into it.

Marine life is equally interesting. Dense colonies of coral reefs and healthy lay at a depth of 10 to 20 meters.
It is said that there is a see-through underwater tunnel in both directions. Local people organize ceremonies Tulude each end of January. Two weeks before the ritual, a traditional elders will dive with a white plate of gold into the hallway as an offering to Banua Wuhu not wrath.

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