Saturday, July 9, 2011

Waterfall Kadadima

Named Kadadima waterfall is called replacement of 3 (three) names the waterfalls on the river each waterfall nahepese, elong and Matei =
Nahepese; crushed; because of a narrow waterfall visible.
Elong; Blue; because of the color of the water in the pools (natural lake) a depth of 14 meters with a width of 35 meters diameter surface of the water was blue above the mountains like a miniature ocean.

Matei Upright because the water upright so that the river is like falling from the sky. Matei Elong waterfalls and visited by many people because of the unique beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding scenery with the cool mountain air as if to seduce every visitor to last a long time passing by there.

Waterfalls Kadadima Laine entered the village can be reached by land vehicles from Tahuna 2 hours and from the Port Fery Pananaru 25 minutes from the village is moving towards the East Laine walk 45 minutes.

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