Wednesday, July 27, 2011

coast Holtekamp

Holtekamp beach is located in the district of Muara Tami city of Jayapura, Papua. Located approximately 50 kilometers from downtown Jayapura. Holtekamp beach is one side of the bay Yotefa become a trademark in the city of Jayapura.

The beach is quite clean, white sand and ramps, if the waves are not large, visitors can bathe while playing sand on the coast Holtekamp. The number of palm trees and waves make this beach is quite shady. Make the visitors do not worry, in the middle shade of palm trees, many available cabins that can be used for a place to rest.

Unfortunately no one is selling food there, so visitors must bring their own lunch from home. The reason for choosing Holtekamp Beach is a beautiful and tranquil place, the waves are good, and because not many levies and charges from the owners of customary rights. "Here we only need to pay the money goes to four-wheeled vehicle for Rp 20,000, - and two-wheeler for Rp 10,000, - and then rent honai Rp 50.000, -,"

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