Thursday, July 21, 2011

coast Jikumerasa

Attractions: Beaches Jikumerasa coast presents natural charm to every person who wants to let go of fatigue in work routines. Located in District Namlea with just about 10 km from City Namlea make Jikumerasa Buru Regency belle. Natural attractions such as the sea presented paintings of nature that form the 3 colors when the sun is directly above the head, with the whisper of the waves roll is a bonus for those lovers of surfing. Jikumerasa beach itself is managed independently by local people with a dish of salad typical of Maluku and the white sand and the cool air is very fitting when we spend time while eating a salad. To enjoy the beach can be used Jikumerasa boat people provided by local communities. Speaking of charm Jikumerasa then do not you ever miss the charm of the moments when the sun began to set behind the hills surrounding the coastal Jikumerasa because this scene can be a magnet that will make you think of Jikumerasa. Thus the picture of how Jikumerasa promises a haven for those who love the charm of coastal tourism. So if you have time to stop in Buru district then you should never miss Coast Jikumerasa Enchantment.

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