Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake Rana

Rana Lake is right in the interior of Buru Island about 63 miles and an altitude of about 700 m above sea level. Rana Lake is the largest lake in Maluku Province, located in the subdistrict of Water Crocodile is perfect for the adventurous dialam wasatawan free. To achieve this two-track options are available, the first trip through the west route through the Village Water District Wamlana Crocodile. The village is situated ± 80 km from the center of this Namlea you can accomplish with the car for 1.5 hours. Next to hitchhike timber company PT. Gema Forest you start exploring the Lake Rana along the ± 43 km on the way you were served with beautiful natural scenery. Various types of plants can be found here. Along the way you'll pass several villages inhabited by the indigenous Buru here you will be presented with the dance "plane" as a sign of welcome for guests. Paths through the village Tifu Leksula District. The village is located south of downtown Namlea can only be reached by sea using a speedboat trip with the distance of ± 5 hours, arriving in the village by car truck Tifu you start the adventure to Lake Rana along 40 km of the village samapai Waelo. After that we proceed on foot toward the center of Lake Rana ± 6 hours, the same as the path west along the township road also passes the indigenous tribal people of Buru Island. Rana famous lake sacred to the surrounding community, clear water filled with lotus flowers on it, it was cool. You can enjoy the tranquility of Lake Rana by boat to the beautiful scenery at the end of twilight it looked clouds-arak, lumpy canopy hanging in the sky above Lake Rana. When boating in the middle of this lake, we felt as though perhaps we are already in heaven porch is often described as beautiful incalculable. Just imagine, the reflection of sunlight sunset casting violet color, the cool air inserted dark gray clouds and white umbrella weak our heads. Entering the twilight evening breeze (by the local people called Sibu-Sibu) came breezy menyumbui dark surface of the lake began. If you want to get around the lake at a cost of 100 thousand local people available to take you around anywhere with unlimited time. You can visit the township residents who surround the lake there is a hamlet Wamamboli, Kaktuan, Erdafa, Warujawa, Waimite, Wagrahi, and Waireman you will be greeted with a friendly smile Buru society.

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