Tuesday, July 19, 2011

coast Lahilote

Lahilote beach attraction is a beach located in the eastern city of Gorontalo, which at the seaside there is a beach with the township residents. Lahilote Coast shoreline has a curved shape bow with white sand that stretches. Lahilote beach is right in the Village Pohe Gorontalo City. The atmosphere is so exotic beach with beautiful beaches that have been laid out neatly. Arrangement around the coast Lahilote by the City Government of Gorontalo is done around the year 2000 aims to resist abrasion due to the tidal beach Lahilote. This location became known as the Ladder 2000. At first glance people imagine when hearing the name ladder ladder at a location 2000 that amounted to 2000. Lahilote Coast Tourism is perfect for the holiday weekend with family.

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