Tuesday, July 19, 2011

island Tagalaya

Tagalaya Island is one of the group of small islands scattered in front of the town of Tobelo. The island can be reached from Port Tagalaya Tobelo. Public transportation is available by using traditional boats. To get to the island Tagalaya take approximately ± 20 minutes away.

Another alternative pathway is to rent a speedboat. Tagalaya Island has a calm ocean currents with a wide stretch of white sandy beaches surrounding the island. At the northern tip of the island there are beautiful coral rocks.

Coral reefs and diverse marine life in the depths between 2-10 meters in good condition can be found in the waters of this island Tagalaya. Mangrove trees that grow above the white sands and coral reefs can be found around the roots bahar will give special experience for those of you who like to dive. Tagalaya Island is very fitting for the holiday weekend with family.

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