Tuesday, July 5, 2011

coast Manakarra

Manakarra beach located in the City of Mamuju, capital of West Sulawesi Province. Frequented by young people and newcomers to the place or unwind by enjoying the beautiful beach. Typically, they use this beach for a place to unwind by enjoying the beautiful beach. The beach is always crowded by tourists from 16.30-24.00 o'clock pm. Local government will do the reclamation Coast Manakarra with area about 12 hectares which includes Stone Harbor to the fish auction in Mamuju region. Above the land to be reclaimed, the plan will be built several facilities supporting tourism, in the form of shopping malls, entertainment centers, and others. Construction of facilities to attract tourists to visit the beach area. For local communities, beach hangout Manakarra synonymous with young children. However, in reality there are many adults who come to visit the beach for recreation. Like the coastal beaches are located in the center of town, always put up a light snack of bananas, cassava, peanuts, and other types of fried foods and natural drinks typical of the region.

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