Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pantai Dato'

Dato beach is one of the natural attractions that are very interesting in Majene West Sulawesi. Also found are also other natural attractions such as the Peak Salabose, Barane Beach, Waterfall Malle, Baluno Beach, Beach Pacitan, Limboro Waterfall, White Sand Bonde Bonde, Hot Water Bath macula as well as historical attractions Banggae Tomb Kings. Pantai Dato, Majene divided into two parts, namely the white sandy beaches and beaches lined with coral.

Reef that juts into the sea or the reefs are hollow because the conducting waves add to the uniqueness and beauty of the Coast Dato. Climbing the rock ledge to the summit is a very exciting challenge. From the cliffs about 20 meters height, looked down to penetrate the surface of the sea water is very clear to see the fish playing among coral reefs. At dusk the sun looked back into the dusk behind the distant hills.

Very beautiful, but unfortunately to the location of land uses private or chartered vehicles, about 15 minutes from the town of Majene. The road is quite smooth, combed woods and gardens of the residents. Arrive at the parking lot down the cliff to the beach should be as high as 30 feet through the stone steps.

Sources: indotim.net

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