Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coast Sowang Kahakitang

Kahakitang Sowang beach is one of the attractions the coast, especially coral reefs are very beautiful. Sowang Coast District Kahakitang Kahakitang Tatoareng capital that can be taken approximately two hours from the capital center district with a speed boat.
Kahakitang not just a name, but has an important meaning. As a place to connect the story about the history of relations in the royal kingdom of Siau and Sangihe large clusters, including Kendahe, Manganitu, Tabukan, Tahuna and others. Kahakitang pedarakitang derived from the word meaning bridge, which recognized the ancients as a haven boats royal storm. In addition to the safe haven of all obstacles, Kahakitang still be a village that is attractive because it has sufficient fishery, agriculture and the friendliness of its people against crossers who pass through and visit the region disanjungi every immigrant who docked.

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