Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watu Pinawetengan

This stone is a natural boulders, so the irregular shape. On the boulder was found scratches various motifs made by human hands. There were scratches that make up the image of man, resembling the male genitals, female pubic describe, and stripes and motifs that are not clearly meant.

Experts suspect that the scratches is a symbol associated with supporting community cultural beliefs megaliths, namely belief in ancestral spirits (ancestors) are considered to have supernatural powers so as to regulate and define human life in the world. Therefore, humans must perform certain ceremonies of worship for salvation or to obtain what is expected (eg, good harvests, refused distress or repel disease) by using large stones as a means of worshiping them.

Local people believe that the stone was a place where bermusyawarahnya leaders and community leaders Toar original Minahasa-Lumimuut descendants (ancestors of Minahasa community) in the past, in order to divide the area into six ethnic tribes who belong to groups Minahasa ethnicity.
Until recently scratched stones that have been found in Minahasa, new pinawetengan watu, Kawangkoan contained in the working area but can be considered as the findings are quite important and can be included as historical monuments, especially the cultural history of the Minahasa people.

Watu Pinawetengan contained in the Village District Pinabetengan Tompaso. Can travel from the city by public transportation Tondano about 1 hour.

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