Saturday, July 2, 2011

coast Topejawa

Topejawa beach is a natural bathing place with the rustle of the waves, the sea breeze and soft sand will welcome your arrival. This beach is located in the village Topejawa Mangarabombang District, which is about 14 Km from the city Takalar, or 54 km from Makassar. Various tourism facilities and infrastructure available in the region, and it certainly will allow you to enjoy the cool air along the coast of the family. Lined Baruga you can rent at affordable prices. Halls as a place to enjoy the expanse of the sea after a bath, a traditional boat of sea fish peddling that cool to be burned, and then accompanied gemuru disantai along shore wind. You and your family can work together as well as sunbathing, swimming, beach sports, beach volleyball, fishing. By paying the entrance fee of Rp. 2000, - you will enjoy the coolness Coast Lamankia indefinitely.

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