Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deer hunting sights

District Takalar have hunting tourism, which does not exist in other cities in Indonesia. Deer hunting sights can ditempuk road trip through the Takalar for 50-60 minutes. This area became a resort that is very beautiful and still very natural, with mountains, hills, lakes and forests make this a very proper object used as a place to test your dexterity hunting hobby. But maybe this time, Barugaya tours can not be used, because the process of development and cultivation areas. But you need not lose heart because this region can also be used as a cross-country travel (outbound), fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing and berkema. You just choose what kind of tour you want to do. In the area Barugaya, also provided a resting place for the visitors, of course, with a relatively affordable price.

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