Friday, July 22, 2011

fort Belgica

Fort Belgica is located in the hills southwest Tabaleku in Central Maluku island of Naira. Fort Belgica is situated at a height of 30.01 meters above sea level. The fortress was built in 1611 under the leadership of Governor-General Pieter Both have some uniqueness. Built in the style of five square building located on a hill, but when seen from all directions undoubtedly be seen only 4 pieces of hand, but when viewed from the air looks like a square or a star similar to the Pentagon in the United States. In fact, the fort was dubbed The Indonesian Pentagon. Construction of the fort consists of two layers of buildings and must use a ladder to enter the original form of the steps that can be raised (hydraulic ladder). In the center of the fortress there is a wide open space for the prisoners. In the middle of the open space there are two wells secret that supposedly connects the fort to the harbor and Fort Nassau is located on the waterfront.

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