Friday, July 22, 2011

coast Natsepa

Attractions: Beaches in the village of Suli Natsepa Salahutu District of Central Maluku district, is a well known tourist sites in the city of Ambon. The beach is located about 18 KM from the center of the city of Ambon is often the choice of city residents who want to enjoy her day off.
The beach is gently sloping, wide and very well known since the first, with fine white sand. To reach this beach can be done using either two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel, or a public transport route Suli, to enter this tourist area, visitors will be served overlooking the beach with a row outside sellers salad and other foods.
Rojak Rojak Natsepa or Suli is very famous for the people of Ambon city, snacks that are sold for Rp. 5000 one serving of this highly enjoyable fun and enjoy.
Attraction provides various facilities that can be enjoyed by the visitors, among others, some shelters that can be used while enjoying the beautiful beaches and views of the Gulf Baguala. Enjoying the holidays in a very beautiful beach, visitors can also enjoy a variety of performances given the manager, performances, among other attractions crazy bamboo, or other games.

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