Sunday, July 24, 2011

island Kofiau

Kofiau is an island in the Raja Ampat, West Papua, which saves civilization one of the tribe of sea in Indonesia. Before the 18th century, Kofiau into the Kingdom colony area of ​​Ternate. Local legend called the origin of the word Kofiau of the story of King Jailolo cap left on this great island. As for the tribes that inhabit Betew island. Tribe of nomads from the northern island of Waigeo or Kofiau which is only 60 miles. Since the 19th century, tribes have inhabited the island Betew Kofiau and mingle with the settlers from the island of Biak. And until now, the sea like will never be separated from the rope Betew tribal life. They really inhabit the beach. And take the fish only to the degree necessary to meet the needs of day-to-hari.Perairan Kofiau clearly have an abundance of biological wealth.

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