Sunday, July 24, 2011

Misool island

Misool Island is an island located in the area of ​​Raja Ampat and adjacent to the Seram Sea. This area is located in West Papua and the bird's head close to the city of Sorong. Misool divided into two parts namely the southern and eastern Misool Misool west. The area is also famous with the diversity of cultures, customs, sea and land is so famous in the world. Misool including the world's coral triangle area and dozens of many ornamental fish present in the sea which is about 75% of ornamental fish and the coral triangle also present in this Misool area. And this area also has a very wide open seas all, making it the traffic lane that large animals like whales and octopuses. According to information from local people that the octopus is often found at night while the whale is found in the daytime, so the area is known or virtually Misool a region full of mysterious because there are still many marine animals that were large in this area and already rare in the world.

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