Friday, July 22, 2011

island Venue

Venue Island is one of a small island located south of the District Buruway the area only about 15 ha. The island has white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs. As the name implies, is a niche nesting leatherback turtle and several species of endemic and migrant species. White sand beach is a nesting place of leatherback turtle and bird Maleo. Creatures such as Pelikan migrants from Australia periodically every year presence in the island just to avoid the extreme seasons in his native habitat, and sometimes make this island as a niche for the breed. During the day, many bats hanging from the fir trees that grow on the coast of this island to rest to wait for nightfall, again on the move looking for food. In the middle there is a lagoon island (rock pool), is a habitat for several marine biota. Turtle Island Children Venue site also keeps a sacred tomb, which until now still physically visible. Marine waters around the islands have coral reefs with different shapes and different colors, different types of marine biota associated with coral reefs create a stunning panorama of the sea floor. Venue island can be reached by sea with an average travel time 3-5 hours from the capital city of Kaimana District; 1 to 1.5 hours from the capital district Buruway and 20-30 minutes of using the Long Island Adi Boat / Speed ​​Boat.

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