Friday, July 22, 2011

Archaeological Sites Tapurarang

Painting which is the site of ancient cliff in Andamata Coke, Coke District, Fak-Fak, West Papua. This painting is a relic of prehistoric
One of the famous ancient sites in the coke is a painting on the steep rocky cliffs. By local people, climbing the steep rocks is usually called Tapurarang. Coke property in the District since prehistoric relics can be found in Andamata, Fior, Forir, Darembang, and Goras.

For local communities, the location of the cliff painting is a sacred place. They believe this painting is a form of people who are cursed by the ghost of a grandmother who turned into demons or ghosts kaborbor believed to be the ruler of the ocean's most fearsome. This grandmother died during the disaster that sank the boat he was traveling.

Of all passengers in the boat, only the grandmother has died. It is said that none of the passengers on the boat who tried to help her grandmother to save themselves. Feeling hurt, ghost grandmother who has turned into a demon kaborbor condemn all passenger boats that tried to escape over the rocks. Due to the curse of all passengers and marine products are brought instantly turned into a cliff paintings.

In this cliff painting you can also see skeletons of human bones. This framework is believed to be the ancestor or ancestors framework Coke society. In ancient times the people here have a habit of putting the bodies of ancestors who died in the cliffs, caves, headlands or under large trees are considered sacred.

Skull found in the cliffs at Andamata, District of Coke, Fak-Fak, West Papua. This human skull is the remnant of the habit of local people who do not bury the bodies of ancestors but rather put it on the cliffs, caves, headlands or under a large tree a special or sacred.

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