Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lo'Ko Eye

Lo'Ko Eye on the slopes of the mountain Sesean at an altitude of ± 1400 m above sea level. A very charming place.

Additionally you can see a very beautiful natural scenery and the roar of the river at the foot of the grave nature. Located in the village Pangden ± 30 km from the town of Rantepao. Name Lo'ko 'eyes were then due to natural stone that resembles a human head was carved, but in fact Liang Lo'ko' Eyes previously named Dassi Gods or Bird Deity, because the burrow is occupied roost and nest types of beautiful birds-beautiful color of fur, with a voice that's fun sometimes scary.

In the XIV century (1480) came kidding youth who carved this gigantic stone for the tomb-in-law named Pong Sports and Randa Tasik (I) next to the XVI century in 1675 the second hole carved by the coop and Lembang. And in the seventeenth century the third hole made ​​by Rubak and Datu Bua '. Liang chisel is still used today when we have entered the twentieth century. Lo'ko tourist area 'Eye ± 1 ha and all the holes are about 60 pieces.

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