Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lombok Parinding

Grave Erong Parinding Lombok is one of the interesting attractions because it has its own charm as Erong unique and antique, which is located in the Village District Matampu Parinding Sesean, approximately 7 miles from the town of Rantepao to the north. Lombok Parinding was first occupied by one of the named child of the husband and wife Tomangli Bongga Tonapo and grandson of Datu Banua well as husband and wife Palairan Patodemmanik and that's where they settled as he set up home-field farming.

Next Tomangli 8 people and children birth Tomangli breed until now (offspring to 7). View and pay attention as well as calculate age and graves erong Lombok Parinding to 8 people ranging from children Tomongli already about 700 years old. Thus a brief history of the cemetery erong Parinding Lombok. Hopefully this brief history can be useful for tourists and can be used as material information.

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