Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ma'daung Tondok sights

Ma'daung Tondok tourist attraction located in District 20 miles south Mengkendek Makale, westward, in the Village Sillanan. This object is supported by the tourist objects are very interesting such as: Lo'ko'wai, To'Banga, Pangrapasan and Ma'dandan and Tongkonan Sillanan Karua. Where each has a specific appeal and its own advantages such as: Lo'ko'wai; in this place there is a dead baby is unique and durable (mummy) in which the hair, nails, teeth and skin still intact despite the age of the bodies is expected to was around 4 ½ centuries. Bodies are sacred by indigenous communities in the region Ma'daung Tondok which is believed to be descendants of mythological gods.

Approximately 400 meters there are graves of early humans that consists of stacks erong, as well as some surrounding burrows chisel. Another thing that we can enjoy in these sectors is the natural beauty of this object. The visitors can still see tropical trees that have been maintained despite its age old, and efficacious drugs. Traditional Village pristine and unique place of ceremonies, a fortress that is used to monitor the enemy at about the sixteenth century. The fort was never breached by the enemy in ancient times. Region attractions Tondok Ma'daung overall is still well maintained and ready for your visit.

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