Saturday, July 2, 2011

Museum Londorundun

According to oral Toraja people, especially for the nobility, especially in District Sa'dan Balusu 'and Sesean that Londorundun the title "Datu Manili", was a beautiful princess who has long hair with a size 17 inch or 300 depah in Bahasa Toraja "The pitu da'panna, Talluratu 'Dangkananna ". This lovely girl dipersunting by a king of Bone Regency named "Datu Bendurana".

The evidence of history is a great book with an exact model ship escorted by two small stones that models such as the boat was in the village of River Sa'dan Malango '(Rantepao) the right of the bridge Malango' which, according to origin stories for generations are owned vessels Datu Bendurana who came to seek and investigate the Datu Manili (Londorundun). They met in a mate and therefore people should not be at odds with Bone Toraja people, because they have "Basse" or "Agreement". One sibling Londorundun is "Puang Bualolo" Sa'dan mating to the region, and became the ancestor of the owner of the Museum which is located in the village Londorundun Tallunglipu, Bolu-Rantepao complex.

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