Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marine Park Tobotobo

Tobotobo Marine Park is a place that has a marine park is very beautiful, so highly recommended for snorkeling or diving activities. Located in the Village District Tobotobo Loloda Islands. Tobotobo In the village there are also thousands of bats that live in mangrove trees and bathing the white and blue dove. This place can be reached by sea transportation. To be able to reach the marine park attraction Tobotobo available passenger ship 2 times a week from the port to Loloda Tobelo. The trip takes approximately ± 9 hours. Although Tobotobo reachable from every village in Loloda, Dorume Island is the best option for transit. Tobotobo Marine Park is only about ± 15 minutes by speedboat from Dorume which can be rented from locals.

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