Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meti island

The island is located in the village of Meti Todokuiha. The village is located in the southern Todokuiha Tobelo (Mawea). Todokuiha available from the Port of public transport by using traditional boats ketinting ± 20 minutes away. And a weekend tourist destination for the surrounding community. Although the beach itself was not too good but, like the beaches in North Halmahera in general, white sand and crystal clear sea water can be met on this island.

For those of you who like adventure, walked around the island can be fun. Meti on the east side you can see the mainland of East Halmahera district from afar while the other part you will find a collection of rocks there are very beautiful and unspoiled forests. Meti Island tours can be an attractive alternative for you and your family to explore on weekends.

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