Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mount Lokon

Mount Lokon located west of Tomohon. Mountain adjacent to Mount Mahawu. Mount Lokon has a height of 1580 meters. Active volcanoes are remarkable. Presents a panoramic mountain with a crater that is so beautiful.

The time is right to start the journey of Kakaskasen, Tomohon is around 7 am, and can arrive at the crater at the time of the morning air was still cool.

Follow the cold lava flow that extends curving into the crater lake located 600 meters below the summit, with a lake depth of 60 meters. Sometimes this mountain crater ejects dust that reached the settlement about.

At last erupted in 2001 (this writing 2005), some areas of the city of Manado which is about 25 km from the mountain, covered with dust rain which flushed due to the wind. Materials dust issued from the crater of the volcano-shaped lava and its height is estimated to reach 400 meters.

Mount Lokon erupted in October 1991 which caused material losses of Rp 1 billion. Thousands of inhabitants in the village of Kakaskasen I, Kakaskasen II, Kinilow and Tinoor, when the local was evacuated to a large number of regions considered to be vulnerable because the roof was destroyed thousands of homes hit by stones and dust as thick as 15 to 20 cm. In that disaster, a Swiss tourist, Vivian Clavel who visited during the great eruption can not be found. He was confirmed dead buried by cold lava avalanche.

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